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Online and over text hugs mostly but thank you for the kindess and love! And thank your puppy as well!

Anonymous asked: "Sammy. I have been super busy and just now got to read the latest chapter and LOVED it. You did an amazing job on this scene. I was thinking of not leaving a comment cause I comment on ever chapter and I thought maybe I'm annoying her a bit by that. But then I realized how can I not comment on this chapter? I loved every bit of it. And can't wait for the next. I'm also curious to see what zayn will do when he finds out Louis' gone. ~ Dream Anon"

I like how my name was its own sentence but I’m glad you got the chance to sit down and read some more Balance! I will never be annoyed by your commentary and, if anything, I adore hearing peoples’ thoughts as they read so thank you for sending your comment! This chapter was so fun to write so I’m glad you enjoyed!

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I’m sorry for the death and tears but I’m glad you enjoyed it! I love you too and thank you for giving my stuff a read x

Anonymous asked: "oh my god i started crying SAMMY YOUR FIC MADE ME CRY it was beautiful everything about it was so nice and well written and it played out wonderfully and i hate reading wip's (too impatient) but youre the exception and you always will be because your writing is so great wow i just thought id let you know that this was definitely one of my fave chapters (not just because of the smut, haha) but yeah it was perfect and so are you c:"

I’m sorry you cried!!!  Actually I’m more flattered you cried but that sounds weird to say.  I’m so very glad you’re being patient with me and that you’re enjoying what you’re reading!  That chapter was one of my faves to write and I’m very very happy with how it turned out so I’m glad you are as well!


This is the best response and I want it framed on my wall, honestly. THANKS BABE!

Balance: Chapter Twenty Four

Summary: Louis is a talented dancer, very dedicated to his art.  Harry the mysterious skater boy at the park across from the studio.  A bit of vandalism lands Harry with community service hours.  The punishment fitting the crime, he must clean the dance studio until his hours are served.  Louis’ world was perfectly in balance, but a certain curly haired rebel comes in to shake things up with his corrupting ways.

Pairings: Harry/Louis

Warnings: AU, Mature Content

Words: 3,903

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I tried posting the chapter but apparently it didn’t go up which is weird.  I’ll fix that tonight; sorry guys!

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Thank you so so much guys! I think I’ll be posting another chapter of Balance today just to celebrate!

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I appreciate you guys commenting to take it down, truly. It’s not the credit thing that bothers me—it’s that I specifically ask people not to repost my work and they still do. If I wanted it on AO3, I would put it on AO3. If I wanted it on Wattpad, I would put it on Wattpad. I’m perfectly capable of multimanaging accounts and would rather other people not get ‘kudos’ and ‘reads’ and ‘views’ for my work. So once again, thank you for being amazing and bringing this to my attention. I don’t see why she has to repost because she’s ‘had issues reading on tumblr.’ Save it to a word document and keep it to yourself?

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No, I didn’t know that and I’m quite frankly a bit frustrated and will not be posting the next chapter until this is resolved. Please report whoever posted it because they did not have permission unless its a translation.