Anonymous asked: "Ok well my name is kiara and i was wondering if you know i could post this on wattpad so the people who want to read it on there can Heres my contact shit Kik: mew.nya Wattpad: Random_panda"

I’ve said it before, I don’t want anything I’ve written on Wattpad.  And if my mind suddenly changes, it would be ME that’s posting it, not letting someone else get credit for my work.  So no, please do not post my work on Wattpad, anyone.

Anonymous asked: "Sammy oh my gosh I am in love with you!!!!! Your fanfics are the best part of my day! Its as if you are people writing but it just comes from one person! I hope you continue this and I hope The Balance chapter cones soon. Thank you so much babe"

Awwww, well I love you too, sweetheart!  This message made my night and I read it over a few times during my shift at work because I love that I make your day.  I’m hoping seeming like more than one person is a compliment and I hope to work on Balance on my next day off of work which is…Sunday? Monday?  One of the two.

Anonymous asked: "sammy you re a wonderful writer and super orginal, dont think lower of yourself ;D <3."

You are far too cute, anon!  Thank you!

Anonymous asked: "AHHHHH I love YOUR Stories!!!!!! When Are YOU going to continue that window notes one sorry I couldn't find it earlier, so I don't exactly know the name because the chapters are just too much. Where did you learn to be such a good writer? If you don't plan on continuing it that's okay. Haha OK I'll stop now."

Thank you so much!  I am planning on continuing everything once Balance is finished!  Oh god, you’re flattering me, non.  I hope you have a good night and thank you for thinking so highly of me and my stories!

Anonymous asked: "hey sammy! I really think you should post your stories in AO3, so tons of other people could read them, cause they are really really good. you just have to go to the site and it sends you and invite to make and account and thats it :D really hoping you finish with FA2, itll always be my favourite story. love you."

I’ve made an ao3 account, actually; I’m just somewhat intimidated by the community over there.  All my favorite fics on ao3 are absolutely amazing and I just don’t feel like I compare?  I dunno, it might happen.

Geek Charming: Larry Oneshot

Summary: “Anon 11: Prompt: Louis takes it upon himself to give the geek harry a make-over. Harry, not seeing the point in why but let’s him because its Louis. Everyone else likes the new harry too much and Lou gets jealous.

Louis/Harry; Bespectacled and content with being socially awkward, Harry is surprised that he somehow managed to become best friends with one of the most well-liked kids at school.  Louis unknowingly has the boy wrapped around his finger which is why it’s so easy for him to convince poor Harry to let Louis give him a makeover.  The results, however, are better than anything the nerdy boy could have ever hoped for.

Pairing: Louis/Harry

Warning: None

Words: 2013

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People should really come and join me here; the oneshot is almost done!

Okay so beginning at 8pm CST, I’m gonna be starting writing a Larry oneshot over HERE on google docs.  If you’re particularly bored, you can come keep me company and read along; I’m just trying something new to motivate myself.  Hopefully the little chat works so we can all get to know each other and you can help edit it if you’d like.  Of course, this may be a total bust but, hey, I tried right?



How many of you would be interested in a live writing session?  If I use the share function of Google Docs, you could come and chill with me while I work on first a Larry oneshot from last summer’s series and then start on the Balance chapter?

Anonymous asked: "Hey:) I was wondering when is Balance is going to be updated xx"

I just updated yesterday!