Anonymous asked: "thank you. x"

You’re welcome!

Anonymous asked: "Oh and i absolutely love balance :) xx"

I’m very very glad you do! I love that you love it!

Anonymous asked: "Alright i think you could help me... its just i have sometimes this doubts about larry. Well im 100% sure that they were together. And i still think they're together but sometimes i just think they broke up. U know what i mean? Im just so confused sometimes not because of Eleanor nooo im sure that is fake. But .. you know what i mean? I hope you do."

I think every relationship goes through highs and lows, especially those under the public eye or, in Larry’s case, those that are being suppressed and have obstacles that conventional couples don’t have to overcome. So those times when you worry that they might have broken up are probably at the lows, when it just doesn’t seem possible for them to still be in love to the extent they obviously were back in the start but let me just say that there is no reason to doubt that they’re together because:

I hope this helped a little bit. Exes don’t behave this way and I think the moments we do get and even the things we don’t get (ever wonder why Harry and Louis are touchy feely with all of the other boys but never with each other?; we get tweets between the other boys but Harry and Louis ignore each other on social media etc). Larry is strong and always has been and always will be.

Anonymous asked: "Sammy, the new chapter was perfect like always. One thing I really love about your characters is that they are so well writen. To the point where when louis panics about being late for reversals I can actually feel how nervous he really is. I know you said b"

So my phone freaked out and sent the last post with out me hitting send and I was in the middle of writing. Sorry. I was going to say/ask you I know you said something sad is about to happen. What I want to know is will it be a huge sad thing like will we cry? Or is it a little sad thing we will just feel bad about for a little bit? I hope that was too confusing of a question. ~ Dream Anon

I’m glad you can access my characters and their feelings in the way I intend! That makes me feel really good as a writer so I appreciate you telling me as much! I admit, I sort of chuckled at your phone to be honest but I have definitely been there before. As for the sad/bad thing happening, I’m not really sure. I have a high tolerance for angst, personally, but there might be some tears shed by readers. I don’t want to give too much away right this moment but I’m pretty sure you’ll see why this particular instance was necessary… hopefully anyways! If you want to ask more about it, I can stick it under a read more and do my best not to spoil anything.

Anonymous asked: "pls tell me balance is endgame larry )-:"

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Anonymous asked: "NO SAMMY! NO! NO! NO! You're not allowed to first make me smile from all the giggling and blushing, then have my heart nearly jump out of my throat with the saddest news in that story ever, and then make me laugh. You're ruining my love for other fiction, yours is so perfect xx Love you loads, waiting impatiently for the next chapter xx"

At first I was scared you were really angry with me! I’m happy to have caused such passionate emotions though but if you think that’s the saddest news in the story, you’re going to absolutely hate me.I’m really glad I could make you laugh and am truly flattered you love my fic that much!

Anonymous asked: "Balance was amazing as alwayssss! Loved it so much, Sammy and I can't wait for the next chapter! Love you and love this story thanks for putting so much effort into it it really pays off to read such amazing chapters so often!! <3"

Aw, thank you, thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I love you as well and this was just a very nice little comment to read. I love getting your feedback as readers!!

Balance: Chapter Twenty Five
Summary: Louis is a talented dancer, very dedicated to his art.  Harry the mysterious skater boy at the park across from the studio.  A bit of vandalism lands Harry with community service hours.  The punishment fitting the crime, he must clean the dance studio until his hours are served.  Louis’ world was perfectly in balance, but a certain curly haired rebel comes in to shake things up with his corrupting ways.

Pairings: Harry/Louis

Warnings: AU

Words: 3,528

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If you guys can get Chapter 24 up to 24 individual notes, I’ll upload 25. That means no reblogging it 5 times each; just one like and reblog per person. Stay lovely, guys.

Anonymous asked: "Random comment and question of the month! Comment: Sometimes when I read gay smut I think of how much I would love to be a boy and how vaginas are gross. I'm a girl am I supposed to be thinking this? TThat's not the question, question is. What I'd your toothbrush color"

I think I’m going to answer these in reverse. My toothbrush is red, quite literally picked out in memory of Louis’ red skinny jeans that got lost somewhere in 2012.

In response to the first comment though, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I mean, many of us are girls who devote our writing talents to gay smut, regardless of our own sexuality. I think good writing does kind of make you wish you could experience what you’re reading but I also don’t think it is necessarily revealing some hidden wishes to be a gay man.

In the end, you’re the most in touch with your own body and mind. If the only time you get those thoughts is while reading some good fanfic, I don’t think you have to worry about it. If you’re having these thoughts all the time and/or you don’t feel right identifying as you do, perhaps do a little research into gender identity and see what you can find. All bodies are beautiful and you have a right to feel comfortable in your own.