backdoortoheaven asked: "Ever thought about posting your fics on AO3? It's just that I don't have internet at home (yeah i know..) so I can't read it from here.. and on ao3 you can download it.. obviously I wouldn't post them anywhere, I basically download every fic from there to put on my tablet and read in bed ahahaahah I'm too lazy to save each chapter :)"

I could probably do that, yes.  I might need someone to pester me to post the updates over there as well but it’d be fine if enough people think it would make things more convenient?  I’d need an invite though.  That’s how this thing works, right?

Anonymous asked: "when will you update Balance, it's the best fanfic i have ever read! xx :)"

The best fanfic ever?  I’m flattered!  I’m working on an update but I’m going to do some oneshots to get me back up to par!

Anonymous asked: "Hey love just stoping in to see how you are doing. Haven't heard from you in a while. Hope everything's going well. ~ Dream Anon"

You’re so very dedicated to me.  I love you, Dream Anon.

irresistiblelight asked: "no worries, take your time xx"

Kisses for you.  Thank you sweetheart.

Anonymous asked: "It's been over a year since I started reading Balance, and I'm still just as in love with it as I was on day 1. Keep up the great work lovely xx"

This is the sweetest thing ever, Thank you for reading!

Anonymous asked: "why arent you on here anymore?"

Honestly, things have been crazy busy for me.  I had to get together an application for a study abroad program in England, had a few major falling outs with friends that left me in a bad place and now am getting geared up towards the end of school.  I promise you, I’ve started an update for Balance and WILL finish it.  I’m just going to type up and post one shots here over the next few days to get me back in the writing mood.  Thanks to all my new followers and thanks to all my old followers who continue to put up with my negligence.

Anonymous asked: "can I have the link to all of the BOTF chapters? x"


Chapter 1

Chapter 2 

There’s only two until I finish Balance!  Sorry lovely.

Anonymous asked: "I loved the new chapter. The story just keeps getting better. Can't wait to see what I you have next. ~ Dream Anon"

Thank you sweetheart!  I’m so glad you’re still here with me and I hope you continue to enjoy!

irresistiblelight asked: "Wonderful, a perfect chapter after a post-alone valentine's day <3 (not that I didn't enjoyed the day with my friends but it was a perfect way to start this morning) thank you xx"

I actually intended to have it up by V-Day but ended up going to a party with friends.  So I’m glad it could keep you company and that you liked it :)

Anonymous asked: "The new chapter is perfection. I'm already excited for Zayn's reaction to Louis getting the lead! Make sure you update soon, yeah? <3"

Thank you, darling!  Zayn’s reaction will be in the next chapter!